Fumbly Diddle Logo

During the COVID Pandemic, I created a couple of mobile apps and published them in the app stores. None of them did very well, so I recently pulled them down. When I published the apps, I needed a company name to publish them under, so Fumbly Diddle Software was born.

The name for the company came from one of my favorite Science Fiction writers: Poul Anderson. Some of the first adult fiction books I read were Anderson's and whenever I see one I've not read yet, I pick it up. I don't remember what the book was, but I do remember that in the book Anderson wrote about a character 'fumbly diddling around.' The phrase stuck with me and that's how this software company got its name.

At about the same time, I started working on a few hardware projects, stuff for hobbyists creating microcontroller-based electronics projects and even a stand-alone hardware project. I created an LLC to bring these products to market and called the company Fumbly Stuff, LLC. With that in place, Fumbly Diddle became the software division of Fumbly Stuff, LLC.

I hope you enjoy our products.